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Never Lose a Sale at Checkout

FlexFactor helps eCommerce brands convert 5% more purchases at Checkout.

FlexFactor is the next generation purchase recovery platform, helping every merchant maximize returns on marketing and customer acquisition efforts.

payment declines

Over $500B is lost every year due to failed purchases

Digital commerce drives over $4.5 trillion dollars in sales, but 10-30% of online transactions end in checkout failure or payment decline. Worse, a failed purchase can lead to over 80% of customers abandon the website altogether.

Less than 15% of failed purchase attempts represent actual fraud. We help you convert on the remaining 85% and focus on driving successful sales. 

Existing solutions are complex and limited in scope

Finding the right combination out of billions of options allows us to influence whether a checkout succeeds or fails

payment declines

Existing solutions are complex and limited in scope

The complexity of rules across merchants, issuers, and and payment providers means there are billions of potential combinations to approve or decline a payment transaction.

Best in class merchants will use a mix of strategies to improve their acceptance rate, but they are inherently limited by factors beyond their control.

With FlexFactor, merchants maximize the conversion rate at checkout and keep customers engaged in a positive manner.

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FlexFactor covers all checkout failures

FlexFactor's deep history in machine learning and advanced credit modeling allows it to incorporate a wider set of information to make effective real time decisions across all failure modes.


We solve the two biggest checkout failure reasons:
Insufficient Funds | Do Not Honor

These represent 60% of declines.

We cover 100% of decline codes or reasons for failed checkouts with our solution

At FlexFactor we take care of all reasons of checkout failure


Fraud detection companies address only a smaller portion of declines

Most fraud solutions only address suspected fraud

Passionate about
Customer Outcomes

At FlexFactor we believe that the majority of checkout failures can be solved in a fully embedded, frictionless, and fast customer experience.


The customer should get the product they want, paying the way they want, within the credit lines they already have, and at no additional cost to them.


The Customer Gets What They Want


Within the credit limits they already have


Using their Payment of Choice


At no additional cost to the consumer - ever

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