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We remove the frustration of payment declines

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By helping shoppers we help businesses

We help shoppers complete their purchase when their payment is declined. We help merchants boost their sales. It is a win all proposition!

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Great customer experience

We transform frustrating payment declines into positive customer experiences.

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Fair play

We never charge shoppers any additional fees. Just the amount due. No exception.

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Shopping with no frustrations with FlexCharge

We offer shoppers a seamless, intuitive, and enabling shopping experience when their payment fails. With modern technology, we enable one-click purchases. It’s shopping the way it should be: easy, fun, and with no frustrations.

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How FlexCharge works

If you are trying to buy something and your payment transaction fails, we offer you the opportunity to complete the purchase now and be charged later.

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Retain your customers

We reduce customer churn by saving failed payment transactions. Failed payments are one of the top reasons for customer dissatisfaction and churn.

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Problem? We are here!

We’re here to help if anything unexpected happens to you or your customers.

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Zero-fraud liability

If it turns out a customer isn’t who they say they are, we take the liability.

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Guaranteed payment

You always get paid by us, irrespective of our ability to successfully charge the shopper.

Ready to transform

payment declines into great customer experiences?

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