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Data Subject Request Form

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Data Subject Request Form

We value the privacy rights of our users. As required under applicable data protection laws, including without limitations, the General Data Protection Regulations, the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA") and other state or federal regulation, directive or rule (collectively, “Privacy Regulations”), individuals have certain rights regarding the processing of their personal data (depending on the applicable jurisdiction).

In order to submit this data subject request form (
“DSR” or “Form”) and request to exercise any of your rights pursuant to the applicable Privacy Regulations, please complete and send us this form to:

Subject to your rights hereunder, the information requested shall be provided to you using the contact information you will provide in this form. In case any additional information will be necessary to us in order to fulfill your request, we will contact you using the same contact information you provided to us in this Form.

Please note that we may request a proof of identity depending on the rights you wish to exercise.

Information provided in connection with this DSR will be processed solely for the purpose of responding and fulfilling your request and will be deleted immediately thereafter (unless otherwise required under applicable laws). For more information, please review our
Privacy Policy.

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