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A unique combination of capabilities creates a powerful solution for
digital commerce

The FlexFactor AcceptIQ Platform

We leverage decades of real time underwriting and analytics experience to evaluate payments and broader customer information to identify good customers who have been incorrectly declined.

Frictionless Decline Resolutions

Our Customer Promise

We are committed to helping customers get the product they want, using the card they chose, with the limits they already have, and at no additional cost to them.

The combination of our AcceptIQ platform, along with our Customer Promise, allows FlexFactor to transform
purchase failures into successful purchases with zero friction for customers and zero risk for merchants.

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Solution highlights:

We take care of all checkout failures, not just fraud

There are many companies that offer services to assess potentially fraudulent transactions, but fraud represents just a small percentage of all checkout failures. FlexFactor covers 100% of decline codes including ‘Insufficient Funds’ and ‘Do Not Honor’. Additionally, we have solutions for both Customer and Merchant Initiated Transactions.


Frictionless and real-time

We have a unique ability to manage a failed checkout in a frictionless manner. No re-keying of the payment details, no registration, and no poor customer experience.


Most of the time, customers do not need to do anything!

We take full liability for the purchases we approve

We do not provide a “risk score” or a recommendation. We settle the purchases that we accept to merchants via our service and then manage the customer’s repayment separately. And if we do not get paid by the customer, we bear the full loss.


Highly Scalable and Cloud Native

The AcceptIQ platform leverages a blend of AI models, seasoned business rules engines and fraud screens to generate decision outcomes. The platform can be integrated at the merchant or PSP level with real time communication flow and transactions are managed via the payment orchestration layer determining how, when, and where to best re-authorize payments.

Transaction Flow


Step one:

Initial Payment Attempt

The Customer provides payment details at checkout using your existing checkout page.

If the payment is successful, FlexFactor remains invisible.
If the payment is declined, rather than showing an error message, the transaction is sent to FlexFactor in real time.

Initial Payment Attempt.png


Step two:

Real Time, Embedded Decline Resolution

FlexFactor assesses the transaction and determines eligibility within a couple of seconds.

In most cases FlexFactor's approvals are invisible to the customer as they do not require any customer interaction. Customers whose transactions are rescued by FlexFactor, receive the product or service as if their payment transaction was successful.

Real Time, Embedded Decline Resolution.png


Step three:

Post Payment

The order is completed and the customer receives confirmation.

The customer’s payment method is charged at a later date using a dynamic descriptor, ensuring that the merchant’s name is displayed on the customer’s statement.

Post Payment.png
Frame 16.png

Leveraging the FlexFactor
AcceptIQ Platform, merchants can increase sales by up to 15%

On average, payment declines represent a 5-30% loss in sales. For digital commerce, over 80% of declined payments can lead to losing the customer altogether so the lifetime revenue impacts really add up.

Revenue Impact

Revenue Impact.png

Platform, Tech Stack


FlexFactor integrates at the Shopping Cart or PSP level with Real Time Communication functionality

Transaction Tech Stack


The AcceptIQ Platform leverages bespoke AI Models matched with Business Rules Engines and Fraud Screens to generate Insights or Decisions


The Payment Orchestration layer manages messaging and the re-auth logic (when, how, and where to re-authorize)

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