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We are passionate about positive customer outcomes

At FlexFactor we believe that the majority of payment declines can be cured in a fully embedded, frictionless, and fast customer experience. The customer should get the product they want, paying the way they want, within the credit lines they already have, and at no additional cost or downside to them. Ever.

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FlexFactor offers solutions for both Customer and Merchant Initiated Transactions

Customer Initiated

Frictionless Experience

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In most cases, the customer is not required to do anything. The process is fully embedded and completes within seconds. Customers complete the transaction as if their payment was originally accepted.

Interactive Experience

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In some cases, it might be necessary to interact with the customer. In that case, a pop-up window appears explaining the situation and asking for more information. The customer is always given an opt out option to choose another form of payment.

Merchant Initiated

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In most cases, the experience is frictionless and FlexFactor will process the payment for the merchant and the customer will continue to receive their service.

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For specific decline errors, FlexFactor may contact the customer via email or SMS asking for additional details to complete the transaction.

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Post transaction, FlexFactor has a series of actions in place to ensure truly positive customer outcomes

Peace of Mind


How do customer returns work?

Returns: These work like a regular return for other payment types including cards and BNPL. If a merchant accepts a return, this is confirmed to FlexFactor, who in turn processes the customer refund immediately.

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What actions do you take to protect against fraud?

Fraud Checks: We operate with the leading fraud detection solutions and industry best practices to minimize the risk of processing fraudulent transactions.


How is the customer made aware of FlexFactor’s service?

Notifications: Customers are informed by the merchant that their transaction has been accepted with a clear link to FlexFactor as their payment partner. Customers are also notified when a subsequent authorization has happened. In the case where more information is needed, FlexFactor will send an email or SMS notice asking for more data to complete the transaction. We limit our correspondence and always provide an opt out option.

Card Statements: FlexFactor leverages Dynamic Descriptors so that the customer can clearly see the actual merchant name on their card statement linked to the product they purchased.

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Peace of Mind:

What else does FlexFactor do to ensure against negative outcomes for customers?

No additional Fees: FlexFactor does not charge the customer any additional fees other than the actual agreed price of the purchased product.


No Credit Bureau Impact: FlexFactor purchases invoices from merchants. This is not a loan. There is no change to existing lines of credit or balance limits. FlexFactor does perform soft bureau checks that have no negative impact on customers credit profiles.

No Collections: FlexFactor does not have a post collection process.

No Data Sharing: FlexFactor is a payment partner to merchants and uses data to help complete the transaction so the customer can get the product they want. We have a robust privacy policy in place and do not monetize customer data any other way other than to facilitate the customer purchase.

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